Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy

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  • Classic gameplay
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  • Slow pacing

Very good

Final Fantasy is a classic RPG, and the first in the long-running series.

While Final Fantasy is not the definite favorite of a lot of fans of the series, it created the basis for the series. The story and gameplay experience changed how role playing games could be presented.

Final Fantasy on Windows Phone 7.5 is based off the PlayStation Portable ported version. It includes the bonus dungeons that were included in that release, so you will get to experience an upgraded version.

While the visuals are still 8-bit and would be considered dated, the classic feel to the game still remains. Final Fantasy’s turn-based combat allows the game to breathe and not get hindered by slow framerates.

Gameplay is much slower than recent games, but the expansive story will draw you in as you attempt to restore the crystals in Final Fantasy to their former glory. You can customize your characters and upgrade their skills as they gain more experience.

Final Fantasy is a classic that started the series, and fans should not miss this game.

Final Fantasy


Final Fantasy

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